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Silangan Dancers

Silangan Dancers

“Silangan is the Tagalog term for “East” or “the direction of the rising sun”.  In the same way, the Filipino American Association of the Inland Empire is proud to present the “Silangan Dancers” who bring sunshine to the lives of others by way of their dance, charm and grace.  They are happy to present various Filipino folk dances from the infamous “Tinikling” and “Sayaw sa Banko” hailing from the Visayas to Mindanao’s “Singkil”.

Should you desire to have the Silangan Dancers for your upcoming corporate event or milestone celebration, feel free to contact our Silangan Coordinator, Jordana Sehestedt. We will be happy to discuss a tailored dance performance, time schedule and suggested donation for your group.  You will be glad you brought a special and highly unique dance presentation to your important event!

Our Silangan Dancers have performed not only for FAAIE’s events but also for our local as well as statewide communities.  They have been invited and very well received in highly esteemed gatherings and government sponsored functions. The Silangan Dances have generously shared and taught their dances to the young and young at heart in private as well as public settings.  Recently, they have enjoyed performing at retirement homes and public libraries in the Spokane Area.

Our Silangan Dancers

Ben Cabildo     Joyce Cabildo     Lolita Comstock     Reynaldo Dunwoodie
Jonna Langevin     Manuel Mapa     Patricia Mackey       Jun Mascardo
Ruby Mcphink      Dave Meyersberg       Loida Meyersberg    Rosemarie Remines
Jordana Sehestedt       Phattiya  Sontowski      Hazel Strand   Cecilia De Vaney

Our Junior Silangan Dancers

Janah Cabigas         Taryn Love    Carissa Hinton
Braxton Hinton        Samantha Sehestedt



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