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10-08-2011 13:42
Nelly Christoffersen ( Spokane & Deer Park , USA ) DDSChris <at> qwestoffice <dot> net
Hello everyone. FAAIE is in the process of organizing new directory of all members or potential members. Please update your changes of status, address, phone # and even e-mail address.
New directory will be distributed to paid members only.Hopefully we can complete it before our annual Christmas party. Check the last time you paid your membership from me (Nelly) 290-6430 or 951-2540. Remember $15 per family. If you want to advertize any business, let us know for the cost. Thanks and have a fabulous rest of summer..

04-08-2011 17:02
Jhen Stacy ( Spokane,WA , USA ) stevejhen062507 <at> yahoo <dot> com
Same here. I'm new here in Spokane..My husband & I just moved here 6 months ago & I'm looking for new friends as well..
09-06-2011 17:08
jenny carpenter ( spokane , washington ) jenelyn_furto <at> yahoo <dot> com
hello everyone im new here i just want too find a new filipino friends here in spokane i been here for 1 year and 1 month ago..thanks:)
26-04-2011 09:39
Nelly Christoffersen ( Washington, USA , Spokane ) Coreynelly <at> comcast <dot> net
WE are having great time practising cultural Filipino dances every Sunday afternoon in Sandra LeDuc home.We apreciate her generous hospitality. We also do Zumba fund raising for the association. Thanks to our teacher Marla for giving us 1 hour class after the practice. Tickets for the Independence Day celebration are ready to purchase. Call Randy or any of our board members if you need some. I still have some too. My number 290-6430 or 951-2540. See you in all our gatherings and have a great spring and summer.
28-03-2011 09:28
Felix Cobarrubias ( Helena, MT , USA ) fcobarrubias <at> mt <dot> gov
Mga kabayan baka pwede ninyong tulungan ang anak ng aking kaibigan nariyan ngayon sa Seattle since last week. Siya ay 18 years old. Wala siyang kilala at masyadong malungkot. Nariyan siya para mag-trabaho kasalukuyang naninirahan sa hotel. Davis ang pangalan ng bata ang phone no.406-2025791. Maraming salamat.
26-02-2011 09:02
Estrelita Thomas ( USA ) thomascomp <at> comcast <dot> net
FB directed me to the website. It is nice to have a calendar and reminders about upcoming events.
08-01-2011 21:42
Amy & Brad Schumacher ( Spokane ) Amyjschumacher <at> yahoo <dot> com
We went to Mobius and loved the fish. I was wondering if you could direct me into where I could buy those? The nice gal at the desk said that they were from your association. What a great toy. They have been talked and talked about. Please help!. BTW. Wonderful job a couple weekends ago when you hosted. Loved the food and entertainment.
05-01-2011 13:35
Sonia Freshler ( Spokane , Philippines/USA ) lsfreshler <at> yahoo <dot> com
Good job, Brian. With this website coupled with FB our association will be in the world map. Proud to be a member!
05-01-2011 08:39
Jeff Martin ( Spokane )
It is great to see the website renovation. It was hard to get connected a few years ago when my wife moved here but now with FB and this website I hope more and more people become members of this GREAT organization.
05-01-2011 07:19
Mike Carpenter ( spokane , usa ) harleyshovel1971 <at> yahoo <dot> com
nice web site its a improvement. To early to plan the next picnic i guess for the calendar

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